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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Sims Social

I`ve been playing this game for 1 week straight now and I can`t get my nose off of it. Why? Because its a human life simulation game. So when you think your life is lame and your dreams are unreachable, go and play it off with this game. In your SIM life you can be anyone or anything you wanted to be. Well, it`s really lame to just shrug off your dreams and just game it up. So I think it`s better if you get ideas from the game on how to be skillful on a particular activity. Like when you want to be a musician or a cook, you have to start off with the basics and from there improve it. The game has its step on how to become better on a certain skill so I guess its a learning process for real individuals as well. And of course there are missions to accomplish so that you`ll be keep on playing the game. Moreover, it`s better if you have many neighbors because you will need their help if you want to level up on a skill. Life is like that in real life also. We need socialization or a group to make us feel like we belong on something. I`m really a loner and this game had given me ideas on what to do with my life honestly. It`s fun and somewhat realistic so I think I`ll be playing this game for a while. I need something that will not take me away from reality. 

Click the image if you want to add me as neighbor in this game.