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Monday, October 14, 2013

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Before I start about my experience with the game mentioned, I just want to say that my life has changed since I got a smart phone. Instead of playing on my laptop, I was tied doing almost everything that I did on my lappy, on my iPhone so I`m thinking maybe I should change the name of this blog since I`m not doing PC gaming anymore, which is the reason why the name of this blog came up anyway. But then changing the blog name means all the previous posts posted here should relate to the name of the blog. Or should I just move on?

Moving on, Plants vs. Zombies was a PC game which I played on my mom`s desktop wayback 2009. But the connection with this game diminished when Facebook games came to conquer all gamers out of their archive games. I had fun playing it but it didnt come to a point where I really really want to achieve the end of it. It`s just a game to pass my time. But the mobile version of this game that was just launched recently this year did blow my mind away. I was not able to stop playing it since I downloaded the game. Maybe because it is now on a trending platform, meaning it can be downloaded from the latest gadgets out in the market like tablets, iphones, ipads and the likes. And the game itself is outstanding and familiar as well. As usual, it will start on easy stage and will get difficult as you tried to defend yourself from the zombies. New plants will be available also if you unlock the gates that requires keys to be opened. If you opt to make your life easy, you can pay for game advancements like buying keys to unlock all the gates so you`ll be able to access plants which can be the best defense for a difficult stage. But for me, I don`t really buy anything to make my life easy on the game because it will take away the challenge and it`ll stop me from thinking strategies to win a certain stage.

Overall, I like the feel of the game and the missions because it really had me thinking of what I would do. It had given me a sense of achievement everytime I passed a very challenging level which requires amount of research like googling for cheats and walkthroughs. I hope future updates will get behind paywall so everyone can play for free.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Sims Social

I`ve been playing this game for 1 week straight now and I can`t get my nose off of it. Why? Because its a human life simulation game. So when you think your life is lame and your dreams are unreachable, go and play it off with this game. In your SIM life you can be anyone or anything you wanted to be. Well, it`s really lame to just shrug off your dreams and just game it up. So I think it`s better if you get ideas from the game on how to be skillful on a particular activity. Like when you want to be a musician or a cook, you have to start off with the basics and from there improve it. The game has its step on how to become better on a certain skill so I guess its a learning process for real individuals as well. And of course there are missions to accomplish so that you`ll be keep on playing the game. Moreover, it`s better if you have many neighbors because you will need their help if you want to level up on a skill. Life is like that in real life also. We need socialization or a group to make us feel like we belong on something. I`m really a loner and this game had given me ideas on what to do with my life honestly. It`s fun and somewhat realistic so I think I`ll be playing this game for a while. I need something that will not take me away from reality. 

Click the image if you want to add me as neighbor in this game.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shadow Guardian HD IPA Cracked

Been looking for this all over the net but it seems like this is the only link which is active and free

Click on Image to Download ;-)

Shadow Guardian

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feedjit: How to Ignore Your Own Visit To Your Blog

Feedjit is a widget to track your blog visitors and to know what or how did they come to visit your blog. It`s also a tool which evaluates the progress of your blog because the more visitors you make on your blog, the more progressive it seems.

But there`s one thing which annoys me in this tool. My own visits to my blog keeps on posting in this widget. That is really a turn off because whenever I edit my post I keep viewing my blog as well and my visits to my blog keeps on appending on the widget. So how did I make it stop.


At the bottom of the widget, there are two options. One for Realtime View and the other one for Menu. Click on Menu and click Ignore Me on This Site. Done. Now, you can view your blog with no limits without ruining the line ups of original visits in your widget.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sorority Life

After Zynga, Playdom took over and conquer my addiction. This game has been my daily routine already and I never get tired of it. And what surprises me and myself is that I`m really thinking about buying brownie points. Crazy right? Cold cash in exchange of some bps so I can flaunt alluring outfits for walk offs and strut on their faces that I am the queen. It`s really insane but I can`t stop myself. Also, there are places to go to like Paris and Tokyo to earn more dresses and glamorous attires. I`ve been playing this game for like 2 months now and I`m already on level 104. I can`t even watch my tv shows for I have to vote all of my sisters to win over their competitors. Really, I`m feeling kinda silly but I`m having fun.

Click on image to play

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Zynga really wanted to make people stuck with their games all the time and they're just making it happen. I can't believe that I'm literally passing my eating habits to play this game. I can't keep myself from enjoying completing simple tasks, visiting neighbors, collecting hearts and anything that this game allows. For starters, this will really hook them up for they will want to clear out all the grasses and trees to give space for buildings and decors. It's depressing to know that this would eat out all of their energy but visiting neighbors will add this up and by eating food as well which can be gained by gifts from neighbors or collections from trees and crops harvested.

Click on image to play

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Visionic KS 188 Webcam Driver

This is my webcam for my Windows XP desktop. Kinstone is the manufacturer. If you own the same cam and you needed the driver, you can download it here.

Click on image to download